Company information

Bytown Brigantine Inc.

Job description

Responsible to the Board of Directors of the foundation, reporting through the Executive Director, for the operation and safety of the vessel, her crew, trainees and gear, in compliance with applicable regulations, Bytown Brigantine Standing Orders and governing authorities, and

Cooperate with and encourage volunteer participation in program activities, operations, shipyards, etc, and

Maintain such records, logs, or produce such reports and ship’s standing orders, as may be required for the smooth, efficient and compliant operation of the program, and

To instruct, demonstrate and lead by example Bytown’s sail training curriculum, for the benefit of trainees, to carry out the objectives of the foundation aboard ship, while fostering and promoting an environment conducive to achieving a rewarding and character building experience for the trainees. To lead and carry out such other duties aboard ship, or on land, consistent with the required elements of operating a non-profit, charitable, sail training program, and

To act as host/ambassador for the foundation/program when carrying out the above.

Job reference 45109052

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