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Current Location: Monaco - Monaco, Europe


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CHIEF ENGINEER UNLIMITED RIII/2 / MCA, experience 15+ years. I’m looking for the ROTATION POSITION as engineer / worldwide At the moment I also will consider offers for: -temporarily job or delivery -build engineer -project manager -a shore-based opportunity My goal: A long-term job as Engineer on a yacht 50 – 100+ meters, ROTATION. My ultimate objective is to work on a bigger size yachts with more responsibilities and greater tasks where I can be more productive and efficient. However, offers to work on smaller size boats or private ones will be considered as well. I want to expand my career path to the shore-based job opportunities such as: - yacht manager - superintended - commercial broker - building a yacht at a shipyard and to oversee its construction from inception to handover as a build engineer or a project manager. About me: I'm a dedicated professional with expertise in electrics, electronics, IT/AV, entertainment systems, pneumatics, hydraulics, refrigeration, plumbing, welding and other fields. I'm skilled with any kind of handiwork and good with tools. I have knowledge of the computers’ software and hardware, can do computer and entertainment network maintenance and repairs. I have extensive experience in planned and preventive maintenance, breakdown repairs and preparations for the Surveys by the major classification societies of all types. I'm focused, motivated and believe in power of teamwork. I consider myself a flexible individual who works well in multi-national environment. Quick to learn initiatives. Free to travel worldwide, flexible and organized, responsible, creative and sociable. I am married with two children. My hobbies: traveling, reading, sports, photography, house construction. Phone: +33 781 377 377 E-mail: 377mc@mail.ru Sincerely yours, Dim Nes Thank you for having me considered for the job! In accordance with the Regulation III/2 of STCW’95 and MCA MARINE GUIDANCE NOTICE MGN 93 (M), my qualification allows me to work on any size of a ship with any power of the engine. As far as it concerns qualification of Y1, MCA MARINE GUIDANCE NOTE MGN 156 (M), this qualification limits any Chief engineer to work on a ship up to 3000 of gross tonnage and with the engine up to 9000 kW. Due to my qualification which is higher than Y1 I am not restricting myself to be employed where, as someone can say, I am too qualified i.e. on the vessel that requires engineers with Y2, or even less. The attraction of the offer certainly depends on the package, payment, working environment and what the crew is.

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Chief engineer unlimited
Basic STCW 95
ENG 1 - UK Medical Fitness Certificate
Proficiency in survival craft
Advanced Fire Fighting
Y1 Chief engineer CoC A-III/2
Y2 Chief engineer CoC A-III/2
Y3 Chief engineer CoC A-III/2
Chief Engineer Unlimited A-III/2
Medical First Aid Provider

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